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Partnering for Capital Access: JCF Capital Markets

April 26, 2017
JCF Capital Advisors (JCF Capital Markets) has proven over the course of the company’s history that they know how to seek out and help secure capital from private sources. It is, in fact, what JCF Capital Markets is chiefly known for. It is a capital investment advisory firm which has helped a number of companies over the years to leverage an international network of capital investment sources for their plans. That international network includes capital sources of all kinds, including private equity firms, angel investors, venture capitalists, and all manner of institutional investors.

Expanding or growing businesses need access to private capital and JCF Capital Markets specializes in helping them attain it. They offer a range of services to their clients, including mergers and acquisitions, management consulting, and capital advisory. They have worked with numerous new and emerging middle-market ventures over the years to help them in taking the next step, whether it was opening a new location, hiring more staff, upgrading their facilities, or purchasing new equipment.

JCF Capital Markets has, and provides, access to more than 20,000 angel investors, 4,300 venture capital and private equity firms, 900 angel capital groups, and 750 family offices. Each of these is a possible source of capital funding that JCF Capital Markets’ clients gain access to.